Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…. Change is hard. It’s painful, disruptive and occasionally expensive.   It’s also quite frequently necessary.     Are there holes in your process? Friction in your system? Dead weight in your line? Are you cutting yourself a check –...
Tick, Tock…

Tick, Tock…

Tick, Tock… See that up ahead? That’s next year, and it’s coming up fast.    Snuck up on you, didn’t it? I know, me too. And we all only have a couple of months now to make sure that THIS year ends with a fist pump instead of a head smack.    So before we roll...
Hustle: Making Things Happen

Hustle: Making Things Happen

Hustle: Making Things Happen   I have a confession to make.   For nearly all of my adult life I’ve worked for myself. That means I’ve been my own boss for…. hang on a sec…. close to 40 years now.    That’s a very long time to go without having anyone telling you what...
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