Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead We’re past Thanksgiving and heading into the holidays, which means one thing: We’re closing in on that time of looking back on last year and filing it into the archives – and looking ahead to next year’s planning.    I know, you’re up to your...
Seeding the Future

Seeding the Future

Seeding the Future Have you ever gardened?   Total, from scratch with seeds gardened?   The kind where your prepare the soil, choose the seeds, dig a little hole with your finger, stick the seeds in, cover them up, give them a bit of water… and then wait.  ...


Unblinking The holidays shows are set. The promotions are in place. It’s the homestretch and if you’re  like me you have your eye on that glass of wine (or three) at the end of the trail.   What more can you do to make sure this year winds up as a YAY!...
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