The Next Dollar

The Next Dollar

The Next Dollar Prioritizing your workload and avoiding overwhelm are usually pretty high on the list of issues I hear about. The quick and dirty answer lies in a question:   What gets you closer to the next dollar?   Our first question in business should always be,...


Chrysalis Making the leap where from your ARE to where you want to be. It’s like jumping across this big hole. This raging river. This… canyon.   You can SEE the other side. You can smell it, taste it. You can feel it on your skin.    It’s the work you...
Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day Freedom to make your own decisions.   Freedom to set your own standards.   Freedom to set your own schedule.   Freedom to call your own shots.   Freedom to be your own boss.   Freedom to write your own check.   Freedom to decide your own future.    ...
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