Dispassion RKTKN My mom used to say she’d be just as happy selling pots and pans as fashion.    That never made sense to me until fairly recently. (I can be a little slow on the uptake) Looking back I fully believe that’s why she was so good at what she...
The Sunk Cost of Time

The Sunk Cost of Time

The Sunk Cost of Time Jakob Owens There’s a meme, or a quote, or whatever you call it – I suppose if there’s a picture it’s a meme… is that how that works now? Anyway, there’s a meme/quote that goes something like, “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you...
Bad Things

Bad Things

Bad Things Dylan Roberts It’s been a rough few here in Houston. It’s looking like it may be rougher yet very shortly in Florida.    Bad things happen. Sometimes enormously bad things.    Acts of God size things. Health issues. Family crises. Gut punches...
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