I had a coach once who was fixated on my business cards. They were boring, he said. Not special enough. Not luxe. He refused to move on until I got better business cards. 
Fired that coach.
What are you hung up on? What’s stopping you from moving forward?
What story are you telling yourself that’s stopping you from making progress in your business (or in your life for that matter), what roadblocks are you throwing in your own way that’s keeping you right where you are?
The incredibly talented designer who “can’t make phone calls until my linesheets are finished”.
The madly creative silversmith who can’t do shows because “my display isn’t good enough”.
The insanely prolific artist that’s afraid to launch her website because “the branding isn’t quite right yet”.
Obstacles are the Universe’s way of saying, “You want it? How bad? Show me.”
When it gets a little hard, you can’t just pack up your marbles and go home. You have to take a deep breath, and find a way over, under, through or around that obstacle – or blow it sky high.
But inserting your OWN barriers? 
Let’s get real. That’s a special brand of crazy if it’s keeping you from what you want. 
Kendra Scott didn’t have flashy business cards, an awesome website or pitch-perfect branding. She just got out and did the work.
If you’re waiting for perfect conditions and clear skies, you may have a long wait.
Sometimes it rains on Game Day – but we play anyway.
Sometimes we have a cold on Opening Night – but we perform anyway. 
Business cards, linesheets, branding and displays are crummy reasons to not chase after your dreams.
What’s holding you back?
Time to get out of your own way.


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