The Masochism Tango

The Masochism Tango

The Masochism Tango   When I was a dancer on the rise the worst thing happened. My knee blew out. A career ending kind of injury. It was devastating, causing a sea change in my life that rippled for decades. So now that I’m a designer, and a reasonably established one...
You’re Doing It Wrong

You’re Doing It Wrong

You’re Doing It Wrong We talk a lot about “getting out of your own way”. What does that mean?    It means that business (and life) are hard enough without making it even harder on yourself. That it may be easier to make the journey if you put down the baggage...


Barriers I had a coach once who was fixated on my business cards. They were boring, he said. Not special enough. Not luxe. He refused to move on until I got better business cards.    Fired that coach.   What are you hung up on? What’s stopping you from moving forward?...
The Confidence Game

The Confidence Game

The Confidence Game I work with an amazing group of women. F3/Intensive. We dive in every week (every day, really) and roll up our sleeves on how to do things better. How to push our businesses forward, how to jump the hurdles.    This week the subject of confidence...
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