Dispassion RKTKN My mom used to say she’d be just as happy selling pots and pans as fashion.    That never made sense to me until fairly recently. (I can be a little slow on the uptake) Looking back I fully believe that’s why she was so good at what she...
The Next Dollar

The Next Dollar

The Next Dollar Prioritizing your workload and avoiding overwhelm are usually pretty high on the list of issues I hear about. The quick and dirty answer lies in a question:   What gets you closer to the next dollar?   Our first question in business should always be,...
Scaling  Your Imagination

Scaling Your Imagination

Scaling Your Imagination Clay Banks Think about your business right here, right now, today.   What are your sales?    10 orders a week? 20? 30? 2? 1?   How much time does it take you to design and create those orders, every week? The time you take selecting the...
The Fearless Few

The Fearless Few

The Fearless Few Clay Banks Why do you suppose some artists and designers succeed while others continually struggle to stay afloat? Why do some blessed few seem to get all the breaks while the rest are stuck on a hamster wheel of barely covering costs and never quite...


Barriers I had a coach once who was fixated on my business cards. They were boring, he said. Not special enough. Not luxe. He refused to move on until I got better business cards.    Fired that coach.   What are you hung up on? What’s stopping you from moving forward?...
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