The Masochism Tango

The Masochism Tango

  When I was a dancer on the rise the worst thing happened. My knee blew out. A career ending kind of injury. It was devastating, causing a sea change in my life that rippled for decades. So now that I’m a designer, and a reasonably established one at that… ...
The Groucho Moment

The Groucho Moment

Let’s build on Seth’s Groucho Moment.   Anyone think (deep down… come on now. be honest) that you might be a little too comfortable where you are? That your low sales (much as you like to bitch about them) keep your life at a manageable, familiar...
Confidence, Courage & the Unknown

Confidence, Courage & the Unknown

Alex Lehner   Confidence. Courage.   Same?   Or different?   Confidence comes from the sure knowledge that we “have this”. You’ve performed the routine, you know the choreography, you’ve made the call before – the script is committed to memory....
The Sunk Cost of Time

The Sunk Cost of Time

Jakob Owens There’s a meme, or a quote, or whatever you call it – I suppose if there’s a picture it’s a meme… is that how that works now? Anyway, there’s a meme/quote that goes something like, “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making...
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