Change is hard. It’s painful, disruptive and occasionally expensive.
It’s also quite frequently necessary.  
Are there holes in your process? Friction in your system? Dead weight in your line? Are you cutting yourself a check – regularly?                                                
As Dr. Phil loves to say, “How’s that working for you?”
If what you do is working – clicking along, producing revenue, growth and manageable stress – GREAT! Congratulations. You’re in a minority. And even if you’re in that minority, odds are that sooner rather than later those wheels will begin to show a little rust and you’ll need to polish up your processes to keep the speed up. 
It’s absolutely normal, 100% expected. 
Change what needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to do it – and don’t look back.
Don’t cling to mistakes because you spent a long time making them or paid a lot for them – bad packaging or poorly done logos might be money down the drain, but hanging onto them can cost you hundreds of times more than you paid for them in lost sales and re-orders if you’re determined to “get your moneys’ worth out of them”. 
It’s easy to get trapped in “this is the way I do this”, but hanging onto processes or systems that just don’t work simply because it’s what you’re used to is foolish. 
If it isn’t working, pitch it overboard and move on. You may go through a lot of experimentation to find what does work for you – and that’s normal too.
You don’t get any points for loyalty to what’s failing you.                                    


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