Making the leap where from your ARE to where you want to be. It’s like jumping across this big hole. This raging river. This… canyon.
You can SEE the other side. You can smell it, taste it. You can feel it on your skin. 
It’s the work you want to do. The impact you want to make. The feeling you want to invoke in your viewers/readers/wearers/buyers. Hell, it’s the sales numbers you want to hit!
But you’re not there just yet.
Inside your own head you can see the piece, hear the melody and feel the emotion. But once the work sits finished on your bench it just sort of… doesn’t. Sing.
Here’s the thing though, that separates you from the rest of the world: The inside of your head.
Inside there, you CAN hear and feel all the things you see, hear and feel. The colors, shapes and melodies are all in there. 
Lots of others’ heads are silent. Devoid of the creative noise we live with every day. While most other, um, normal(?) people can certainly appreciate beauty when they see it, it takes an exceptional brain to create it out of nothing. 
Wherein lies the creative’s own ninth circle of hell.

“Just when the caterpillar thought ‘I am incapable of moving,’ it became a butterfly.” 

Annette Thomas


Our job, our curse, is in the learning to translate the inside to the outside. To bring the finely nuanced images we see so clearly to reality.

And when we don’t – well when we don’t it damn near kills us. 

Consider the caterpillar: His destiny is to fly, to soar in breathtaking color. Yet what that poor little bug has to go through to get there. What if he gave up before he got his wings?

That’s when we agonize, get unhappy, and beat ourselves up for being an incompetent hack, or an amateur, or <insert your own pejorative>

Sometimes the truly tragic happens and the frustration of perceived failure makes us stop. Quit. In the sincere belief that we “don’t have what it takes” when all that’s really happening is the natural birth cycle of emerging talent.
But, as Ira Glass notes, “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners.”
We creatives are thrown out into the world (and our own heads) without a guidebook, left to find our own way – or not. So when our work doesn’t meet our own standards we assume we’re simply not good enough, instead of the much more logical calculation that perhaps we still have some learning to do.
Give yourself time. Be kind to yourself. Recognize those nascent stages for what they are: 
A Beginning.


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