Quick, think of something you love doing that you’re good at.
Now think of something that you’d just as soon sell your dog as spend your day doing.
Got it? Maybe you love creating new designs, bringing them to life. Playing with color, creating new palettes. Perhaps you love crafting words or making code sing. Maybe you get off on organizing and seeing everything in its place. 
Or maybe putting one word in front of the other scares the you-know-what out of you. Maybe your idea of organization is a series of piles on the floor. Or does the idea of code make your eyeballs roll back in your head until you can see last year?
Here’s the thing: we all have gifts. We all have things we’re good at, that we love to do. And we all have stuff we’d just as soon never tangle with
We do best when we spend our time in our zone of genius. (There’s a no-brained, huh?) but a funny thing happens to some of us, and creatives are so susceptible to this… 
“I can’t charge for that. It was easy. It only took me a few minutes. Anyone could have done it! I’d feel terrible taking money for it.”
Think your accountant feels like that? Bet he/she is pretty good with numbers – bet they come pretty easily. Bet they don’t have any trouble handing you the bill either.
So we proceed under the mistaken assumption that “anyone” can do what we do, and we give away our specialness. We “aw shucks” and “gee whiz” ourselves out of a living.
Here’s a secret: not everyone is creative. 
And not everyone who IS creative has the technical skills to translate what they see in their head to reality. 
And not everyone who is creative and has the technical skill to translate their vision to reality has the business skills to take their product to market.
In case you lost track, that’s THREE skills that if you’re reading this, you most likely have or or honing. Three skills that most people DO NOT POSESS. Three skills that make you stand out from the crowd. 
There’s also a special fourth skill. And this one, this one is the magic.
Care to take a guess?
The guts that begins with, “I want to do this”, moves onto, “I can do this”, and sweats all the way through the long road of, “I am going to do this.”
The desire that stares down the naysayers, the self-doubts, the bad months and the “not-my-client” folks who don’t get you. 
Perseverance is the magic skill.
Add the Magic Skill to Creativity, Technical Skill, and Business… You can do this. And you can charge for it. Charge like the professional you are, and stop getting hung up in “anyone could do this. It’s not special.”
Then let them try.


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