Let’s face it: Most creatives come to this life accidentally.

We begin a hobby, we get good at it, and soon someone (or several someones) want to buy whatever-it-is we create. If like so many of us our real life is boring and unfulfilling, we take off on a new adventure. And before you know it, we’re in business.

Or there’s the minority who actually go to SCHOOL to be a creative. Perhaps you have a degree in art, or design, or whatever. Maybe it even has a pedigree. F.I.T., Parsons, Rhode Island School of Design.

But whether you got to this life the normal way or the formal way we all have one thing in common:

The odds are pretty good that your creative experience/training is head and shoulders above your business experience and training. The frightening fact is that few art schools even touch on ANY aspect of business whatsoever – and that’s if you got here the formal way. Unless you’re lucky enough to have been in business in your previous life… well… I’m sure you see your own dilemma much clearer than I can explain it to you.

There’s a reason it’s called a “Jewelry Business” – or the “Fashion Industry”.

Whatever your creative skill – jewelry, apparel, furniture, instruments, cards, prints, botanicals – if you want to sell it, and if you hope for it to support you, YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. You have to become a business person first, a creative… second. And that can be a very tough transition for most of us. Very tough.

You have to become a business person first

It’s a mindset shift. A time clock shift. A priorities shift. And finally, a bank account shift – which makes all the other shifts so worthwhile.

The transition from hobby to professional isn’t easy. No one ever said it was. But it is so worth it.

There are many tools you’ll need. Much knowledge to gather. From how to structure your business to how to run it to when to expand it to how.

To what it means to “do wholesale” to whether or not you’re ready to how you go about it.

The state of trade shows today and whether or not they’re worth it, and how to maximize their value.

The tools you need to run your business – whether it’s B2C or B2B or a combination of both – when to pay for them and when not to.

The importance of setting goals and brutally assessing where you are, and how to claw your way to meeting those goals – and why NOT having goals will doom you before you begin.

We know what takes to run a successful creative business. A business that takes advantage of all the current gifts (and curses) of today’s technology.

Courses, Coaching, Community.

It all begins with F3, a private by-invitation-only group of like-minded creatives from around the globe.

Join us. Because you don’t have to do this alone.

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