If I were to ask you, “did you make your quarterly goal?”, what would you say?
YES! I nailed it!
Not quite. But I was close!
Nope. Missed it by a mile. 
I don’t set goals. They make me sad.
You know what? Any of those first three are workable answers. Obviously if you made your goal – or came close – we’re popping the champagne. If you missed it, you need to figure out what went wrong.
But if you didn’t set a goal…. Why
What happens when you go to the grocery store without a list?
What happens when you go on a road trip without a destination?
What happens when you set out to make dinner without a menu or recipes?
Goals give you direction. Purpose. Aim. 
Ever heard that old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going anywhere will do”? Running your business without goals is like that. Wherever you end up… well, there you are.
If you really are afraid to set goals, please don’t be. And don’t be afraid of not meeting them either. 
A good goal should be a stretch, within reach, but tough, like the highest shelf you can barely touch with your fingertips. It should take work. You may not always hit it. Neither do I.
Meet me back here next week, and I’ll show you how to set the right sales goal for you and your business.  Until then, your very first goal is to start getting used to the idea of setting that goal. 
I promise you, it will change your business.
See you next week.
PS: Need help setting your goals, or meeting them? Check out F3, our free online support community!


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