Imitation, Flattery & Dancing on the Edge

I suppose it was inevitable, and in that odd, timeless sort of way your mother always tried to tell you, “a sincere form of flattery”. That’s all well and good, except that this particular (and very peculiar) imitation happens to contain some deadly stuff.

You see EmpowerDesign, recently launched a pricing course for jewelry designers. You may have heard of it. (No? My dear, where HAVE you been, you really must get out more. Well, we’ll forgive you. We have been a bit of a “Joe sent me” kind of thing. You know, friend of a friend, invitation only, what’s the password, do-you-know-the-secret-handshake sort of thing.)

Anyway, this is one exhaustive course. It’s what you get when you add together 50+ years of collective industry experience and an MBA. It’s one of those multi-module shake-you-to-your-core, no-stone-left-unrattled life-changers.

You know the kind.

Anywhoo, along come the “Me too!” brigade, which would normally be both inevitable and expected…. <yawn>…. IF it weren’t for one little (not so teeny thing):

The “advice” given in this (FREE!) little whatever you call it is, um, well… it’s not only wrong, it’s actually dangerous. To whit:

Overhead? Ain’t no thang. Add a little here, a little there, don’t worry about it. Don’t “obsess” over it!!

Readymade off the shelf pricing software ROCKS! (are those affiliate links we spy?) Never mind about learning HOW pricing works. Let the magic box do it for you! Step right up ladies and gentleman… right this way…

Model fees, schmodel fees. It’s all so much R&D. Toss it into Overhead! (You know, that category we told you to ignore!!)

The “break even” concept is great. We all need to know our nut. But if you ignore your overhead, and toss stuff into overhead categories (that you ignore) without taking your ACTUAL, REAL costing into account….(wait… is that another affiliate link??) how in the heck are you going to get to that calculation so that it really means anything? Easy. You won’t. Not in a meaningful way. “Don’t stress over it.” Nah…. not unless this isn’t a game to you. If it’s important, you know what? A little stress may actually be in order.

While we’re at it, let’s ignore Cost of Sales, packaging, and industry standards of markup too.

Oh, and by the way, if you ever want to scale your business? Aye, aye. aye…. All that stuff you just got told to “ignore” is going straight for your right butt cheek.
Your pricing is more than a 3 or 4 page memo, or a footnote that “there are lots of complex formulas out there, and oh yeah, one size doesn’t fit everyone.” Helpful stuff, that. 

(Hey, we’re just playing house here after all. We don’t ever intend to have a real, live, legitimate business anyway, do we? This is just fun, play-acting! You know… A hobby with business cards! No stressing over silly stuff like… Overhead.)

But what if it’s not.

What if you actually want – or NEED – to make real money with your business?

What if you need to supplement your income, your family’s income, or (gasp!) support yourself or your kids with this gig?

If that’s the case, you sure as hell don’t want to listen to ANYONE who tells you to blow off or ignore a fundamental BASIC of business. You want to listen to someone who has been where you want to go – successfully.

There’s a lot of noise out there today. It’s easy to listen to the loudest, the flashiest, the most in-your face of the bunch. Look under the hood first. Make sure you’re buying into what you think you’re buying into. 
Your business is too important to get so far down the road only to find out that coach you’ve been trusting is nothing but a house of cards built on nothing more than empty words.
Coaching isn’t a joke. It’s not something that you do because you failed at the real deal, got bored, or thought, “Hey, maybe I can make some real money THIS way”…
No one needs a “coach” that walks away from the hard stuff, bluffs through the tricky stuff, or bullshits you through the vital stuff with the “here a miracle occurs” version. The only thing that does is set you up for failure down the road.
Business is hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. Finding the right coach is hard. Finding someone who will walk through the fire with with you and not just jolly you along with cutesy manifestations and sayings-of-the-day is hard. Finding someone who’s been where you want to go is hard. Finding someone who IS where you want to BE is really, really hard.
Read the resumé. The BUSINESS resumé, not the coaching/podcasting/speaking/social media resumé. (Hint: look for someone with a bit more substance than bankruptcy on their CV)
Choose wisely.
Want to learn how to handle your pricing the right way?
No smoke, no mirrors, no shortcuts? No “here a miracle occurs” confusing mumbo-jumbo? No talking down to you like you’re a six-year old?  Click here for the last pricing course you’ll ever need. Because that kind of nonsense shouldn’t happen to ANYONE.


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