Nuggets of Gold: Your Story Hooks

Your story, the genesis of your brand, the “who” of you as an artist, is one of the most important things you’ll write. Whether it’s your “About” page, or “Artists Bio” or “Mission Statement”, or whatever you call it, wherever you tell the story of you as artist/designer is critical – it will be one of the most visited pages on your site. Irrevocably joined to this page will be your “voice” or how you communicate with the world as your brand. How you define that voice will shape how your audience sees you, so craft it carefully to speak to those you wish to reach. But how in the heck do you do that? After all, your story is pretty boring, right?

Not so fast there. You might be bored to tears with your tale – after all, you’ve been living this puppy for how long? I can just about guarantee you that there are twists and turns in your story that are unique unto you that will fascinate your audience – you’re just tired of looking at the same old book.

The best “stories” pull out a unique “why”, or hook

The best “stories” pull out a unique “why”, or hook: What got the artist interested in their art, got them discovered, or made them take a sharp turn headlong into their craft? That hook can be heartwarming, tear-jerking or hysterical, but if it evokes emotion, so much the better. Were you flat broke in college and turned to stringing beads to buy books? Did you take to stamping metal to craft a few items to commemorate the birth of your first child? Were you headed to a heavy metal concert and couldn’t find anything with enough spikes on it to go with your perfect leather corset, so you made do, and practically got mobbed when you got there? Or do you you have every degree in the book from all the best jewelry schools, along with scuff marks on your nose from the grindstone it’s been on for the past decade, and the tuition bills to go with it? These are all stories, all worthy of telling. The art is in the words you choose, the voice with which you speak it, and the conviction you use to deliver your tale.

Remember, you’ve read that book hundreds of times; to everyone else it’s a new release.

Your story is probably a whole lot more interesting than you think it is. Remember, you’ve read that book hundreds of times; to everyone else it’s a new release. Most likely it just needs some spruced-up copywriting and a fresh set of eyes. Try writing it all down (bullet points are great) and step back, let it simmer. Getting it all out of your head is very freeing, just let it sit there for a few days or so.

One important facet to remember about Your Story: If you’re going to use it as a sales tool (and let’s be honest, we’re all big girls and boys here, we all want to make sales), you must spin your story in a way that makes it clear that You can help your Clients, that you can solve a problem, enrich their lives. It may be your story, but it’s not all about you. More on that later.

For now, let’s begin with your Nuggets: the Hooks of Your Story.

Your Genesis – your start, what made you become a crazy artist and not a regular, boring, normal person? What was your spark of madness? Was it a mentor, a moment, a memory? Write it down.

Your Left Turn – did you have a crossroads when you changed your direction? What was it? What did you cross over from to go to? What was the catalyst, the why? Perhaps you went from beads to diamonds, or vice versa?

Your Moment – what was your first taste of success, no matter how small; perhaps your first sale, your first order, no matter what. Your first confirmation of “yes, this must be the place”? Commit to paper.

Your Mission – the most important part you’ll write, because here is where you get to tell your audience What’s In It For Them. The dirty little secret of your story is that while it’s vitally important to have that story crystal clear, no one really cares, unless you can communicate what it means to your client – and here is where you make that happen.

So, your Nuggets:

  • Genesis
  • Left Turn
  • Moment
  • Mission

What are your Nuggets? Commit them to paper, and begin crafting your story. Share them below if you like, or contact me for help on CreativeGhosting if you are totally hitting a wall you just can’t scramble over. Just remember: What might be mundane to you, could be magical to your audience. Learn to listen with fresh ears.

Are you totally stuck? Brick wall, go-no-further stuck? Schedule a private session with me to talk about Creative Ghosting, and offload your About woes completely.


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