One Thing Before We Go

Three more weeks ’til that big shiny ball does its dance, the clock strikes 12, and 2016 passes into yesterday. Whether its been a year of gifts or a year of burdens, there are often lots of things hiding in the cracks waiting to be mined before we trip on into the next year. Will you take a moment with me to give 2016 its due before we send it packing?
What are you really proud of this year? What was your biggest win?
Did you conquer something that’s been holding you back? Accomplish something you’ve been striving for? Have a breakthrough you were aiming at? Perhaps you let something go that’s been a chain around your ankle. Whatever it was, take a moment and celebrate. It’s easy to lose sight as we move on with our lives, easy to forget that we climbed that hill. Take a minute and remember what you did. Pop the champagne and pour a glass. Celebrate!!
What skill did you add to your toolbox?
What can you do now that you couldn’t do last year, or what are you appreciably better at this year than last? Did you add a new technique to your professional arsenal? Learn a supporting skill? Did you begin or conquer a sport or pastime you’ve been yearning to try? Expanding our reach is vital. Adding new abilities, professional or otherwise keeps us young and sharp. Did you learn to dance? Stop being scared of Photoshop? Finally learn how to build or manage your own website? Maybe you learned how to cook and laid off the junk food. Whatever it is, congratulations – new skills are awesome. What’s your next act?
Finally, what didn’t make it into the 2016 checklist?
What’s still left undone as we close in on the 31st? It’s okay, you can’t do it all – “Only by daring to exceed our grasp can we find how far we can reach” – or something like that. That’s the beauty of an “I want to do…” list. You can roll it over to next year. 2017 will welcome your unfinished projects with open arms. 
Want bonus points? 
Share this with your kids. Teens especially can always stand to be reminded of how far they’ve come – and how far they’ve yet to go. (and that you’re noticing the progress) “You remember that?” Of course you do!
Yup, that fresh new year is waiting in the wings. But let’s make sure we give this one the credit its due before we slap it on the rear and send it out to pasture. It taught us a lot, and it had its moments. 
Bon voyage 2016. 


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