Scaling Your Imagination

Think about your business right here, right now, today.
What are your sales? 
10 orders a week? 20? 30? 2? 1?
How much time does it take you to design and create those orders, every week? The time you take selecting the materials, gathering and organizing your tools, designing, re-designing, finishing… photographing, listing, posting to social media, emailing, invoicing, packing, shipping…
How long does that take?
Now double it.
Imagine doing TWICE what your business is doing now.
Not just the sales – all the work that goes along with it.
If you’re spending however-many-hours on however-many-orders now… double that. 
That’s what scaling up your business will do. 
From 5 orders to 10, from 10 orders to 20, from 50 to 100, from 100 to 200…
Scary? or Exhilarating? or a little bit of both?
Whatever your business is NOW, imagine it bigger. More of it. 
How about 10x’ing your business?
How’s THAT feel?
If a process is a pain in the neck now, it’s going to be a LOT worse down the road. 
If systems are chaotic now… imagine what it will look like with ten times the workload on top of them.
If a pricing structure is shaky now – that’s the kind of thing that pulls a business under during the stress of growth.
If a process is a pain in the neck now…
If systems are chaotic now…
If a pricing structure is shaky now…
This is the time, when you’re smallish to medium-ish, before the growth, that you need to iron out your processes, your systems, your vision. Just like the flaws in a diamond that are invisible to the naked eye come out under a loupe, as your business scales and gets larger, poorly crafted processes and ill-thought out systems (and especially badly set up pricing…) magnify and become real monsters. Tame them while you’re small. 
What’s your pain in the neck right here, right now in your business? What’s the bumpiest part of your process? What needs to change before you can grow?
Is your PRICING solid? Look at your best-selling piece – if you got an order tomorrow for 10 of them, would you celebrate or wince? What about 100 pieces? 1,000? Is there room in your pricing to pay for help when you need it?
Are you processes streamlined? Is there a speedbump somewhere that slows you down every time? Can it be smoothed out?
Can you teach your patterns, methods and designs to a team member easily, or is there some little quirk that you either don’t want to share or might not be able to get across?
Is your bookkeeping a disaster? Is your inventory system a mess?
This stuff doesn’t magically straighten out because you get busier and start making more money. 
Use your imagination. See your business scaled up, two, five, ten times what it is now. 
Where are the problems?
Start to fix them NOW.


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