Overwhelmed by tech? You are not alone, not by a long shot. So quit beating yourself up, and hand over the wine. It’s time to get real. 

Sit down… right here.. now, let’s be honest.

So maybe your your tools of choice involve fire. Or diamond blades that spin at such high speed they could rip your fingers off.

Or maybe you’re into hydraulic presses… those babies can do some damage.

Diamonds. Do you work in diamonds? We won’t talk about how much expense is packed into such a tiny bit of real estate there.

The intricacies of craft are often not for the fearful. Materials – and pinkies – are often at risk.

So why then do so many artists get their panties in a wad when faced with something as innocent as say… Photoshop?

Let’s get this straight. You’re cool with the stuff that can cut your hand off or burn the house down. But twirling imaginary pixels in cyberspace… THAT sends you under your desk. 

You found us just in time.

Why does the thought of building a website send so many highly accomplished AND technical artists slamming into a concrete wall?

Even the mild-mannered Mailchimp has sent many creatives right over the edge. (Okay we admit it. That grinning dead-ringer for Curious George has caused more than one bald spot around here too. But he can be tamed. Promise.)

The usual solution is to hire this stuff out. But when you don’t know what you’re hiring out FOR… well, you know.

When we know each other better I’ll tell you about the time I spent over $20,000 in pursuit of a website and still ended up at square one. But right now I’m pretty sure it’s a tl;dr

Anyway, what’s the REAL solution?

Tame the best. Learn it’s ways, become friends with it.

Then if you want to offload it, you’ll understand it. After all, how do you know a rotten tomato from a good one if you’ve never held anything but canned sauce before?

WordPress, WooCommerce, Photoshop, everything you need to know to put the best public face on your business.

How to handle Google and incorporate SEO into your website.

How to leverage Google Apps to build a line sheet.

How to make Google Sheets sing and spit out your perfect pricing model.

That Excel is your friend – NOT your enemy.


Stick around. There’s help on the horizon for that.

Right now we suggest you begin by requesting access to F3, our online community. This is where it all begins.

Because overwhelm is bad.

Fall in love with your business – and your life – all over again.



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