The Groucho Moment

Let’s build on Seth’s Groucho Moment.
Anyone think (deep down… come on now. be honest) that you might be a little too comfortable where you are? That your low sales (much as you like to bitch about them) keep your life at a manageable, familiar level?
The devil you know…
If you experience more success, things might have to change. You might have to (eek!) hire someone. become a boss. Deal with payroll taxes. Get more organized. Become a <gulp>”real” business.
That can be some scary stuff.
on the other hand…
Plodding along at a mediocre pace allows you to tell yourself a story. It allows you to “be” who you want to be. Even if it’s only in your own head. Because it’s just that sales are bad. It’s the economy. People aren’t buying. I’m too small. I don’t have the time. Or the money. Or the know-how.
Clinging to a mistake because it’s comfortable. And familiar. And safe. Because, “what if…”
Change is scary. Growth is even scarier. 
Hanging by your fingernails onto the edge of the cliff because you’re afraid you’ll fall instead of fly… that’s tragic. 
And so unnecessary.
Because what if you DO? 
Things might change…


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