The Long & Short Of It

While it’s a bit hard to wrap my head around nowadays, once upon a time I was actually a professional athlete. 
Yes, really.
A professional competitive dancer, like on Dancing With The Stars. 
That crazy world took up about a decade of my life. (It also ate my knees, but that’s another story) 
There’s something that anyone training for the physical learns very quickly: A race – or a dance round – is short. A career is long. So while those short, immediate bursts of effort result in placements, ribbons, moving getting closer to a “win” – it’s the marathon of your entire career that truly makes the difference.
Overtrain for one race and you may damage a joint beyond repair. Sit out a season and you fall out of the judge’s awareness and have to claw your way back. 
It’s the gestalt that matters. The everything of who you are that counts.
Business is no different.
One show, one account, one selling season doesn’t define you. They’re all bricks layering on top of more bricks to build your business – your career.
A show is short. A season is nothing. A business can be for a lifetime. 
Plan for the long haul. Create a long vision. Make it count.


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