The Next Dollar

Prioritizing your workload and avoiding overwhelm are usually pretty high on the list of issues I hear about. The quick and dirty answer lies in a question:
What gets you closer to the next dollar?
Our first question in business should always be, “What gets me closer to that next dollar?” That sets your priorities really quick. Here’s your “Quick & Dirty” solution to prioritizing your load:
• Write down everything in your head (and on all of your do-lists) on a separate Post-It note and stick them on a white board or poster board. Trello works beautifully for this if you prefer digital to pen and paper.
• Is there anything you’re absolutely, irredeemably, totally and completely AWFUL at? Depending on your personality and skill set this night be cleaning up your accounting, copywriting, photography, cleaning up images, or even mundane repetitive creative tasks like polishing. Put a big red “O” on those tasks and move the Post-Its to the bottom of the board.
• What tasks fall into the “I should be doing this, but it’s not a short-term revenue-generating activity” group? This might be social media, PR, networking, blogging, long-term return/investment type things. Put a blue “L” on those tasks. Slide them to the bottom of the board.
• Is there anything in the, “I think I should be doing this, but I’m honestly not quite sure why….” group? This could be all sorts of things depending on what you’ve been reading, and who you’ve been talking to. These items get a black “X”. To the bottom they go.
What’s left over should (hopefully…) be activities that are directly related to getting sales. To review, this would be stuff like contacting stores, emailing clients, designing, making samples, creating linesheets, pricing,… you get the idea. This stuff all gets a big green “$”.
Now then…. if you couldn’t already guess…
The green $’s go to the front of the line.
The blue L’s get done after the green tasks are completed.
The red O’s get outsourced.
The black X’s go in the trash.
That’s your crash course on prioritizing. It depends on being brutally honest with yourself (really though, who else is looking?) and of course following through on all those $’s and L’s. 
Well? What are you waiting for?


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