Tick, Tock…

See that up ahead? That’s next year, and it’s coming up fast. 
Snuck up on you, didn’t it? I know, me too. And we all only have a couple of months now to make sure that THIS year ends with a fist pump instead of a head smack. 
So before we roll this one into the archives, what can we do to make sure it doesn’t bring a groan when we look back on the scrapbook – or the spreadsheet? 
You ready for that end of the year insanity called Holiday Sales? What have you done to make sure you’re going to those sales, instead of just waiting for them to come to you? Whatever your business model….
If you’re a direct-to-retail in-person business, do you have shows booked?
If you’re an online B2C business, do you have your ads and social media set up, your emails set to go out?
If you’re a wholesale business, are you ready to reach out to your stores for quick delivery fill-ins? 
No matter what type of biz, have you set up an end of year “clean out the studio” sale? This is a GREAT time to get rid of the dead weight, pull in some extra cash before New Years’, and start things off with a cleaner, lighter inventory and a plumper bank account. Click here to get a quick video with great ideas on how to make that work!
Right now, today, it doesn’t matter if this year has been fabulous or horrible.
You have two months to go.
What will you do with them? 


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