Wonder Woman? or Ant Man?

So what is it with New Beginnings?

They’re supposed to make you feel like Wonder Woman, but sometime they just make you feel like Ant Man. Ant Man not like the theory and all of Ant Man (the whole lifting a gazillion times his weight, or whatever), but just… small. And squishable. You know… more like the Old-Man-Last-Year than the Brand-New-Bouncing-Baby-Full-of-Promise-New-Year.

Like New Year’s Day is some weird kind of hangover from the entire last year… Like oh my GOD what have I done. Or not done. Yes, I mean you.

“Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, start all over again…”

So look, this is normal. You didn’t lose the 25 pounds and you didn’t shave 20 points off your whatever score. That’s okay – Like Fred Astaire said, “pick yourself up, brush yourself off, start all over again.” Yeah, Fred said it with much more élan, but you get the idea.

Just keep trying.

But let’s think this through.

Why do you think your “I’m gonna DO this!” didn’t?

I have a couple of thoughts.

1. You don’t know exactly WHY you wanted/needed to do whatever it was you said you were gonna do.

2. You didn’t really have the DESIRE to do whatever you said you were gonna do.

3. You didn’t know HOW to do whatever you said you were gonna do.

4. You got DISTRACTED on the way to doing whatever you said you were gonna do.

That usually pretty much sums up why we don’t do what we say we’re gonna do: We don’t have a clear REASON, we don’t have the DESIRE, we don’t have the KNOWLEDGE, or we just plain get DISTRACTED.

Reason. Desire. Knowledge. Distraction.

Let’s be honest: Any other excuse is just that… an Excuse.

I did’t have time. Sure you do. You make time for what’s important.

I did’t have the money. You find the funds for what matters. Every time.

I forgot. Go to YouTube and look up “Steve Martin I Forgot”. It was funny then, it’s funny now.

And let’s get one thing straight: Procrastination is not a superpower. Here, let’s make sure you get that:

Procrastination is not a superpower.

So. What’s it gonna be this year? Wonder Woman or Ant Man?

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